Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to Spring and Shocking the Neighbors

Spring has finally sprung in my house.  I found this idea at 320 Sycamore and I absolutely had to try it.  Since I already had wheat in my pantry, it was a no-brainer.  Soak the wheat overnight, then sprinkle a generous amount of wheat berries over some dirt/compost in a pot.  Water daily.  This stuff grows like three inches a day, no joke.  Here are my soakies:

Here is the taste of spring that I so desperately long for is my lovely grass!

They still have a bit of growing to do, and they'll need a trim soon, but I think they're so sweet!  I did four, and we have one more in the works.  What a great gift to bring over to a friend!

We did the first of our spring planting this week, too!  My helpers and I got some peas in the ground.

One of us, who shall remain nameless, helped to put "peas" in the ground by dropping trow right there in the yard in front of the Lord and everyone, and peed, well, because he can.   Happy helpers...

What have you done to welcome spring?

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