Friday, April 8, 2011

Before and After and the Maker of the Rings

Yes, I can make stuff out of other stuff, but the one with the real talent is my husband, Josh.  Last year for our anniversary I suggested that we do homemade gifts (every husband's dream, am I right?).  I selfishly suggested this because I had a WONDERFUL, HEART-STOPPING, PRESENT-OF-ALL-PRESENTS, YOU-WILL-NEVER-TOP-THIS, idea.  

and then i forgot it. 

and i never did remember it. 

But he, on the other hand, came up with these AMAZING rings.  He worked on them for hours and hours and hours.  all in secret.  And finally gave me these beautiful things for our anniversary.  

He is amazing.  I deserved much worse.  But I was blessed with this hot ring maker...

That with him is our newest shorty.  She'll be 1 next week.  YARK!

Anyway... here are a couple of his finished products.  drumroll please...

Bubinga Wood

Wenge Wood lined with Padauk Wood

Walnut Matched Set

Tapered Australian Walnut lined with Beech Wood and a Beech Inlay
Aren't they amazing?  I love them.  They're for sale in our shop, so pop on over if you're interested.  Great gift for anyone!  

I also wanted to share this quickie makeover....

I got this basket a few years ago at a shower.  It's sentimental, so I didn't want to get rid of it, but it was really looking yucky.  and icky.  and grossy.  What's a girl to do?  Yep.  covered it with burlap.

So here's the before:
Funky ugly basket
And here's the after:
Lovely Burlap-y Functional Bliss.

Me likey.  You likey?

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